Academic Databases provide access to information that is relevant, current, and credible. Using a database is much more efficient than general web searching because you don't have to evaluate whether or not the information is from a respected source. If you are going to do general web searching, use this website evaluation checklist.




NOTE: When accessing all databases from a home or non-MUHSD location, please refer to the Database Passwords Document for passwords. You must be signed in to your MUHSD account to view the doc.




Student Resources in Context is a general interest database covering most topics.


Opposing Viewpoints in Context offers multiple perspectives on controversial topics.


Science in Context collects science-related stories from a wide variety of resources and is continually updated.


U.S. History in Context contains articles and resources covering the entirety of U.S. history and includes everything from periodical articles to primary sources.


World History in Context covers a wide range of topics and people from throughout world history and includes primary sources and multimedia items.
PowerSearch uses the Topic Finder to discover the context of your search term and uncover hidden connections.


Interactive Science contains 3D models to visualize and understand concepts in biology, chemistry, earth, and space science.


Environmental Studies in Context contains resources to understand environmental issues that affect people globally.




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SIRS Renaissance is a database of resources covering the arts and humanities and includes information on topics from architecture to the visual and performing arts.


SIRS Government Reporter is a collection of resources by and about Government and contains a large number of primary sources from drafts of bills to court case transcripts.


SIRS Issues Researcher is a general interest database for school research projects and includes a Pro vs. Con section for controversial topics.


CSL Databases

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CA State Library Databases

See resources that are available from the California State Library for all within the state.